Fung Capital Asia

Growth Capital, Global Sourcing, Gateway to Greater China and East Asia

Fung Capital is the private equity partnership of Victor and William Fung, the Chairman and Group Managing Director of of the Li and Fung Group. We provide equity capital to companies that have valuable and sustainable franchises on a regional or global basis. By leveraging the international business network and expertise of the Li and Fung Group, Fung Capital focuses on creating value with company management by offering strategic guidance on global marketing, distribution, retailing, outsourcing, supply-chain management, information technology and capital markets.

Fung Capital Asia's principal aim is to create value by building sustainable and significant businesses in partnership with management teams in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, we partner with US and European companies in the development of their Asian businesses.

Fung Capital Asia will provide long term equity capital by investing in both minority and majority stakes opportunities that offer at least one, and typically several, of the following attributes: